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  • Lot Selection and Evaluation
  • Assistance in Lender Selection if requested
  • Assistance in Architect Selection if requested
  • Estimating and Preliminary Budget Development
  • Interior Design Guidance With Our In-House Designer
  • Final Construction Plans and Budget Development
  • Engineering, Permitting, Architectural Committee Approvals
  • Project Scheduling

Construction Phase

  • Construction and Quality Control Management
  • Home Owner Orientation
  • Explanation of Warranties


  • Home Owner Support During Settling In

Some clients prefer to plan every detail and know their total costs prior to breaking ground. Some enjoy making finish selections after the space is defined by framing and drywall. They take inspiration as the real-life character of a room is revealed.

You can come with a thousand pictures torn from design magazines or with a verbal narrative describing how your house will "live". Either way, or combinations thereof, they are all just as exciting to us. We do recommend engaging us prior to getting too far into the design process with your architect. We work very well with architects and as the builder arm of your team we can help you stay on budget. With the help of our long-time relationship with subs we work to find efficiencies early in the project.

Since there is no "typical" client or home in our experience, we have options on how to arrange our working agreements.

Fixed Cost Agreement
We will agree to a dollar amount fee for our services during the project. With the plan and finish out specifications complete we will get hard bids and sign contracts with all vendors, material suppliers and sub-contractors prior to breaking ground. This way the total costs are known at the beginning of construction. The only way the cost will change is if you decide to make changes to the plan or specifications.

Fixed Cost with Allowances Agreement
We will agree to a dollar amount fee for our services based on the scope of the project (we do not base our fee on a percentage of costs). We then will get as many hard bids from vendors and sub-contractors as current plans and selections will allow (usually foundation, plumbing, roofing, electrical and HVAC at least). The rest of the budget items are assigned allowances to create a Control Estimate based on historical data and our conversations with you. As allowance items are selected during construction we will track the changes and show you estimate versus actual costs reports so you can keep up with project costs in real time.